MY NEW WEBSITE !!!!! Here Goes Nothing...

BIG BIG NEWS~  My new website site is NOW LIVE!  
And you are the first to hear about it.....the fabulous 130 people who subscribed to my blog a few months ago- can't thank you enough!  Check it out here and let me know what you think- I would love your feedback!  I will be posting to all my social media tonight but I thought I would let you take a peek first....
Well it has been quite a crazy few months for my little business.  I decided early in January to buy two new kilns, give my glass studio a HUGE make over, and give a whole new look- all at the same time!  Why not get it all done at once is what I say!  
Here are some behind the scene pictures into this crazy time...
My studio for the past 8 years has been in my garage.  It has worked out wonderfully for my family to work from home and a bonus to not have to pay rent on a space...but I am cold in the winter and hot in the summer and I can't take it anymore!!!!

 So, let the construction begin...first move everything out-

 My dad and husband were joined by friends in the neighborhood- it became quite the weekend event... practically a barn raising!

Insulated ceiling and walls are going to keep me cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  Canned lighting is going in next....

Walls have been textured, painted, my dad made me these beautiful shelves for my wall sconces and this AMAZING work bench that I am in LOVE with!  

I am now officially IN my space, still more shelving to be made, but I am loving my new studio...

And my kilns are ready to is so nice to have two as different items melt at different temperatures and different lengths of time.  

I will post a pic in a week or so of the finished studio, so make sure to subscribe to my blog if you haven't already~ to see the finished product.
Moving on....I have been spending lots of $$$$ on the business lately so I decided to take my own pics for the new website- this was actually really fun.  I set up this little jewelry display, took a panoramic picture, and then overlaid some finished product pictures, you can see the finished picture on my homepage now.

 This is another picture set up for the website homepage-it is the first picture that introduces you to my website. This section of my workbench is warped from kiln wash and has a blue/white residue on it. Jewelry looks amazing on this back drop- perfect for promotional pictures~


 Lastly, I took a break from work to have a 5th grade field trip come to my studio a few months ago- and they were fantastic, so many interesting questions from these kids!  

So that is what is going on with grayc glass!  Thank you for supporting my work by reading~  Subscribe (at the bottom of my website) to get my blogs emailed directly to your inbox- !