My story

How It All Started

Well hello there! I am Courtney Gray, a glass artist living and creating in Northern California from my home studio. My love of glass began as a kid... I often went antique shopping with my family and was always drawn to glass ashtrays of the 1960’s. So, in my junior year of college when I saw a sign posted for a fused glass class, I signed up and a few years later and created grayc glass from my two-bedroom apartment.

What is Fused Glass?

Fused glass is separate pieces of glass melted together in a kiln at a high temperature, I normally fuse to 1400 degrees. I also use a technique called slumping where I melt glass dishes and wall sconces over ceramic and stainless steel molds to give them shape. Both techniques are done in a glass kiln.

One of a Kind

When your making something by hand, piece by piece, it is truly one of a kind. Everything I make is one of a kind, but at the same time, I pride myself on product consistency. I can make 5 wall sconces coordinate perfectly, as well as make 20 of the same butterfly nightlight and they will look so similar, almost machine made. But, there are SOME pieces that are just so unique, so hard to replicate, they are put into my “One of a kind” category... this means, when you purchase from this category, you are getting that exact piece that was photographed. Special!

The Process

My work is fused glass; this simply means melted together- in a kiln. But grayc glass is so much more than just fused glass. Most of my pieces are melted two to three times to create the desired modern, clean-lined look I love and have become known for. My jewelry is often a combination of fused glass pendants as well as vintage charms, beading, and components. Some of my pendants are individually drilled through and my chains are often a compilation of two to three types of chain, beading, and vintage connectors. I love to incorporate other artists work into my jewelry, and a large % of my metal charms and components are made in the USA by other female artists.

My nightlights were my first big selling item, they are a modern and functional piece of art. I now have over 50 designs of nightlights, and they continue to be a best seller for every room of the house. Most recently I have designed and made a collection of wall sconces. Lighting has been a love of mine for a long time and the process of creating the wall sconces was amazing- the back plates are locally made & powder coated in Northern California and compliment the glass shield perfectly. Semi-Flush ceiling mounts are next to go on the site! The best part of grayc glass is that it enables me to be home with my 3 boys every day. Life is good. For press inquiries, please email me!