Caring For Your Jewelry

Please keep in mind that sterling silver & gold filled metal does tarnish. It is just the nature of the metal.  This metal tarnishes for many different reasons, one reason being body chemistry. Here are some tips to keeping your sterling silver looking shiny.

1) Clean your jewelry at the end of the day with a polishing cloth. You can purchase a jewelry cloth in my shop (find a Sunshine polishing cloth under my necklace category).  Don’t wait for jewelry to tarnish before you start cleaning it.


2) NEVER get your jewelry wet unless you are cleaning it. I can not stress this enough. Water is hard on your jewelry. Be sure your jewelry is dry if you clean it with water or cleaner. 

3) Always be sure any lotions, perfumes, and hair care products are absorbed before wearing jewelry. 

4) Remove your jewelry before swimming, bathing, exercise or bedtime. 

5)  Store your jewelry in your “grayc glass” bag if you are concerned about tarnish.  Jewelry can tarnish faster if it comes into contact with other metals like other jewelry.


6)  If you sweat a lot, please know that your jewelry will most likely tarnish faster. 

Please contact me directly with questions.  Please understand that I will not accept returns on jewelry that has been worn and is tarnishing due to wear.