Verdi Bar Necklace

Verdi Bar Necklace

$ 45.00
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 Great for layering or for a simple look.  This verdigris patina copper bar is individually handmade in Missouri; cut, filed, hammered, hole punched, and tumbled.  I have strung it on a 16 or 17 inch gold filled chain.  I am wearing the 16 inch, but choose the right length for you.

Special Instructions~ Avoid spraying perfumes, hair sprays, lotions, oils, hand sanitizers and so forth while wearing your patina jewelry.  Do not use jewelry cleaners on your patina metal.  And please don't swim or shower or sleep with your Verdi Bar Necklace.

*Note, none of my other necklaces are 16 inches, so if you are looking to layer this piece, with another grayc glass short necklace, 16 inches is a great length.  However, I have a skinny neck, order the 17 inches if you want it a bit longer.  


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