Swirly Red Lariat Necklace- one of a kind

Swirly Red Lariat Necklace- one of a kind

$ 68.00
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This is one of my signature "One-of-a-Kind" pieces. Buy it before it is gone!

Buyer will get this exact piece.  

This necklace is handmade in California.  My Short Lariat looks great over a high neck shirt, or with a low cut top!  Glass pendant is made from swirly red and clear glass and is melted in my kiln two times, then drilled through.  Melting process makes the glass strong, so this is a easy to wear necklace. Sterling Silver hammered circle is also made by hand in the USA.  Chain is sterling silver and pendant hangs at 22 inches.  Chain can be worn a bit shorter, you can link it up!


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