Swirly Grey Charm Necklace - One-of-a-Kind

Swirly Grey Charm Necklace - One-of-a-Kind

$ 88.00
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This necklace is handmade in California and it is One of a Kind.

When you buy this piece, you will be shipped this exact piece.  SO FUN!

The swirly grey glass is so unique and I love how this piece has a cool swirl of black and white at the bottom.... It is in my Wildly Beautiful One of a kind collection, and I think it will sell quick!

2 handmade gold filled charms (made by 2 different female artists in the USA!), and a unique painted brass charm hang alongside the glass pendant.

Swirly grey glass melted over white glass in my kiln for 14 hours to create this bar shaped pendant.  

Strung on a 32 inch gold filled chain.

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