Stacked Celine Ring- color options

Stacked Celine Ring- color options

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(Double tap your color selection)

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My Celine Ring is now available in 3 new colors.....

Stacked glass, melted in my kiln in: Blues, Neutrals, and Pinks (with a touch of aqua).

This ring is the beautiful collaboration between 2 female artists.  

This chiseled silver band is made by hand in the USA of sterling silver.

This glass design is a long process of stacking colored sheet glass in a specific order, melting in my kiln, slicing with my ring saw, melting again over white glass, grinding into a perfect circle, then melting again (3 times in my kiln!).....Yes, it is no joke.

All of my work is handmade, slight variations in color and design is possible.

*Please order a size up, since this is a wide band ring.

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