Roamy Necklace- Blues

Roamy Necklace- Blues

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This necklace is individually handmade in California.

*Courtney is wearing the Neutral color option at 32 inches.

The glass in the Roamy Necklace is a showstopper.   7-9 pieces of colored glass are stacked and melted, sliced and ground, melted again, then drilled.  It is a labor of love!

This is a mixed metal piece as it is all about mixing metals these days.  However, you do get to choose between a sterling silver or gold filled chain.

Your glass color options are blues, neutrals, and pinks (with a touch of aqua)

The charms include 2 sterling silver circles, and 2 long brass pieces.  The longest has "grayc glass" stamped into it.

All of my work is handmade, slight variations in color and design is possible.

You will notice the pendants are different lengths due to the amount of layers stacked up, the neutral is the longest with the pinks being the shortest.

*Due to the nature of stacking & melting glass, the pieces can have slight indentations.

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