Plum Circle Ring

Plum Circle Ring

$ 40.00
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Handmade fused glass ring on ADJUSTABLE base. 

This ring features a big beautiful bubble in the center, you either love the bubbles or not!

Let me first say, my rings are sturdy.....yes they are glass, but the melting process makes them strong.  I have been wearing some of my rings for 15 years.

This ring is made from two layers of glass; clear glass melted over purple plum glass.  The pieces are cut and shaped into a circle, then fused twice to a temperature of 1415 in my kiln. 

The glass is glued using an industrial adhesive to a gold over brass base that is adjustable. This base is very strong, not flimsy like other adjustable rings.  It will not change shape and become flimsy. 

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