Octagon Earrings-whites- one of a kind

Octagon Earrings-whites- one of a kind

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One-of-a-kind means you get this EXACT pair of earrings....

And there is only 1 pair!!!

This is a new design coming soon for fall, and I could not resist putting a pair in my one of a kind collection! 

Swirly clear and white glass is cut, shaped, and melted in my kiln for 7 hours then drilled through.  

All the metal is a beautiful gold filled, and these amazing hoops are made by another female artist in the USA!!!

And lastly, this darling little stone that dangles next to the glass is a beautiful taupe, black flecked, shimmery stone- and for the life of me, I totally forget the name of the stone.  I almost didn't include this pair since it is pretty unprofessional to not remember, but instead, here they are, and I will make sure to know exactly what stone this is when I list this design for fall!  #itdoesnothavetobeperfect

*These earrings are lightweight of course.

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