Layered Diamond Necklace

Layered Diamond Necklace

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This glass necklace is individually handmade in California.

For the woman who loves their jewelry to make a statement, be a conversation piece, and be one of a kind!

This unique design is made from layering 3 pieces of different colored glass in a kiln; swirly coral, over swirly purple, over swirly maroon.  They are melted together for 6 hours and then I grind the edges down at an angle so the finished pendant shows off all 3 layers.  Due to the swirls in each layer of glass, each piece made of this design is totally one of a kind.

To make this piece EVEN more fun I have strung 6 coordinating stone agate beads  into the 32 inch sterling silver or gold filled chain.  The stone beads are in the red-pink-coral tone 

All of my work is handmade, slight variations in color and design is possible.

Custom color options and chain lengths available

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