Lanyard & Aurora Set- 15% off

Lanyard & Aurora Set- 15% off

$ 106.25
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I am thrilled to offer my customers ( for a limited time only ) Jewelry Sets!!!!

These are pieces I believe work well together, & coordinate beautifully.

These pieces are also individually sold on the site, but when you buy this "set" you receive 15% off..... YAHOO!


Wouldn't it be nice if your lanyard looked as good as you did?  Wouldn't it be lovely if your lanyard made your outfit look even more put together?  That is why I created this beautiful design. It resembles a necklace, but holds your badge, sometimes keys, sometimes even a whistle (if you work at a school).  But instead of a cheap fabric strap, it is either gold filled or sterling silver with hand strung stones, and vintage & handmade charms.

The aurora earrings are hammered brass charms on gold filled hoops & ear wires, they look great with this gold filled lanyard!

Choose between 32 and 34 inches at check out

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*Jewelry set discounts are available online only*

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