Lana Tag Necklace

Lana Tag Necklace

$ 285.00
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Individually handmade in my California studio.

The Lana Tag Necklace is a true art piece.  A brilliant swirl of ocean inspired colors, made in glass.  

This design is sleek and minimal, no charms or beads to take attention away from the glass.

This piece is created by melting layers of glass in blues and greens and a little purple in my kiln.  Then melting a second time to create waves in glass.  Slicing with a tile saw and melting 2 more times to achieve the perfect shape to fit into the metal bezel.

The Lana is melted for over 28 hours!  4 separate times in my kiln.

This hammered tag connector is made by another female artist.  Women supporting women!

Choose between gold filled and sterling silver, 32 inches or 34 inches.

Model is wearing the 32 inch Lana Tag layered with the Rey Necklace.

All of my work is handmade, slight variations in color and design is possible.

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