Kate Stud Earrings- Teal

Kate Stud Earrings- Teal

$ 55.00
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If you have been a customer for a while you are probably familiar with my Maria Stud Earrings, they are on the website in many colors.  Well, these Kate Earrings are like Marias baby!  They are significantly smaller than the Maria!!

And I am not going to lie- they are really really really hard to make, so they are a bit more expensive than the maria- but totally worth it I assure you....

By customer request, an EVEN smaller stud earring, for the girl who loves a very simple earring, OR perfect for a second hole.  They are bezel set, I make the little glass bead the perfect size to sit in the bezel metal cup.  The glass is hand cut and then melted in my kiln two times before setting in the bezel.  You can see that clear glass has been melted over the teal glass, notice from the side they are clear!

Available in sterling silver bezel or gold filled.

All of my work is handmade, slight variations in color and design is possible.

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