Julia Necklace- Turquoise

Julia Necklace- Turquoise

$ 85.00
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New for Fall!  I wanted to create a necklace that had fused glass beads strung into the chain with a mixed metal pendant as the focus. 

The Julia Necklace.  Perfect for a cute top and jeans!

This glass necklace is individually handmade in California.

Swirly white & clear glass is melted together in my kiln twice to create these 2 beads that are strung into one side of the turquoise beaded chain.

this beaded turquoise chain is silver plated.

The glass beads are cut, ground into circles, melted together and then drilled by hand.

This mixed metal pendant has a hammered look, a gold top and mostly silver plated bar.

Choose between 32 and 34 inch chain, Sarah is wearing the 32 inch chain.

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