grayc glass Tag Necklace - Swirly Orange

grayc glass Tag Necklace - Swirly Orange

$ 85.00
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This is one of my signature "One-of-a-Kind" pieces. Buy it before it is gone!

Buyer will get this exact piece.  

Inspired by my crystal collection from a few years ago, this "grayc glass Tag Necklace" is lighter, smaller, and easier to wear. The rectangle tag that I worked into the chain has "grayc glass" stamped into it.   This piece is 3 layers of glass melted together for over 13 hours in my kiln. The swirly orange glass is layered with swirly white and clear glass for a muted crystal look.  In between fusing it is grinded multiple times to achieve a "crystal" look.  Then after it is melted, it is drilled through.  32 inch gold filled chain. 

message me if you need a longer chain. 

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