Floral Crescent Necklace- One-of-a-Kind

Floral Crescent Necklace- One-of-a-Kind

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One-of-a-kind means you get this EXACT necklace....

All of my work is handmade and therefore one of a kind, but some pieces, (like this one) are so unique they are impossible to replicate.

So when you buy this necklace, you get shipped this necklace.

This Crescent Design has been in the planning stages for years and I finally felt like I could get it right.  This floral inspired design will be coming in the summer, but this one turned out so beautiful I thought I would sell it early.

The teal glass petals are cut and shaped and placed over clear, then over turquoise and melted for 14 hours in my kiln.  It is ground into a perfect crescent shape to set into the antique silver bezel.  Chain is 18 inches sterling silver.

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