Dominique Earrings

Dominique Earrings

$ 65.00
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These earrings are individually handmade in California.

You are going to love this little drop.  Such an amazing grouping of deep colors: navy, mustard, lavender, grey, swirly grey, amber, taupe, and clear.

There is a slight swirl to the glass which I finally taught myself how to do, so I am really excited about this design!

The Dominique Collection is made from cutting and layering 9 pieces of colored glass in a specific order and melting together for over 7 hours.  Then I slice it into pieces with a ring saw, grind into shape, and melt again.   Then I drill a hole and string up!

These earrings are lightweight and mid length ( about an inch long ).  The perfect "not too long" earring that still makes a unique statement.  

Choose between sterling silver or gold filled ear wires.

The Dominique Earrings coordinates with the Dominique Necklace (scroll to bottom of page to shop this piece).

All of my work is handmade, slight variations in color and design is possible.

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