Diamond Lily Necklace- Neutrals

Diamond Lily Necklace- Neutrals

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This necklace is individually handmade in California.

The Diamond Lily Necklace is SO FUN!  This blocked diamond shape component is so unique, I had to create a necklace with it.  My favorite part is how the chain connects to either side and leaves it open at the top.

This piece is mixed metal, but you have the option of a sterling silver or gold filled chain, the diamond component and longest charm coordinate with whatever metal of chain you choose.

The Diamond Lily features a diamond charm from my new stacked (striped) collection of glass.  Your glass color options are Blues, Neutrals, and Pinks (with a touch of aqua.)

This lovely handmade charm is made from pieces of colored glass stacked and melted, sliced and ground, melted and drilled.  It melts for a total of 14 hours in my kilns.

Choose between 32 and 34 inches.

All of my work is handmade, slight variations in color and design is possible.

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