Crescent Necklace- Turquoise

Crescent Necklace- Turquoise

$ 60.00
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This will be a final sale.  No adjustments to necklace.  Thank you!

Note- the necklace for sale is sterling silver, the main picture shows it in gold.

This necklace is individually handmade in California.

Something different....yes mam!  

This Crescent Design has been in the planning stages for years and I finally felt like I could get it right.  I love how it turned out.

Sterling silver 30 inch chain.

The glass pendant is made from cutting, and grinding the clear glass into perfect squares and triangles to create this repeating pattern.  Arranging the clear glass on the colored is a long tedious process.  The light going through the clear glass is what creates this design, so fun!  It is ground into a perfect crescent shape to set into the antique silver.  Each piece is melted in my kiln for 14 hours.

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