Circle Ring- Swirly Coral

Circle Ring- Swirly Coral

$ 72.00
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Handmade fused glass ring on an ADJUSTABLE base. 

Swirly coral is one of my favorite colors of glass jewelry because it is a beautiful pop of color, but at the same time, looks great with most everything you pair it with.

You will love this brushed metal wide band. 

The glass is glued using an industrial adhesive to a silver or gold over brass base that is adjustable. This base is very strong, not flimsy like other adjustable rings.  It will not change shape.

This glass is also very strong, the melting process strengthens it.

1 in circle shaped glass piece on gold plated adjustable base

Last picture is of the swirly black & white circle ring, to show you the size on a hand.

All of my work is handmade, slight variations in color and design is possible.

Ring base adjusts to fit sizes 7-9.

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