Blues Stacked Necklace- One-of-a-Kind

Blues Stacked Necklace- One-of-a-Kind

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All of my work is handmade and therefore one of a kind, but some pieces, (like this one) are so unique they are impossible to replicate.

So when you buy this necklace, you get shipped this necklace.

*this piece is hard to photograph but the range of blues becomes transparent on one side, it is lovely.

This sleek striped piece is the end cut of 9 layers of glass stacked together.  I loved the look of the end of the stack so much I sliced it off and remelted it, and drilled a hole through.  

Strung on a 27 inch sterling silver chain with 2 large sterling silver charms.  I wanted this piece to be modern and artistic.

Message me if you would rather it be on a longer chain~

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