Black Circle Necklace- one of a kind

Black Circle Necklace- one of a kind

$ 55.00
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One-of-a-kind and READY TO SHIP means you get this EXACT necklace....

I am always creating new jewelry, and not all of it ends up being professionally photographed and added to regular inventory on the website.  I usually take these pieces to my local farmers market....

With the shut down in place, and not knowing when I will be back to the market, I have a collection of these "one of a kind" pieces ready to ship. I have taken the time to photograph them and put on the website.

So when you buy this necklace, you get shipped this necklace.

Clear glass is melted over black glass in my kiln for 14 hours to create this circle pendant, strung with a gold filled patterned hoop charm.

Chain is 18 inches gold filled

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