Beach Glass Necklace- 2 available!

Beach Glass Necklace- 2 available!

$ 92.00
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These necklaces are handmade in California and they are one of a kind- I have one in sterling silver and one in gold filled.

When you buy this piece, you will be shipped this exact piece.  SO FUN!

I love how this necklace turned out, so I might be adding it to the website permanently, but for now these are a part of my "Wildly Beautiful One-of-a-Kind collection"!

Here is what this necklace is all about.....inspired by the beach, 4 layers of glass melted together (aqua, mint green, swirly white, then swirly light blue) then cut, grinded and melted again.  Drilled through and strung so you can see the 4 beach layers from the front.

My FAVORITE detail of this necklace is the different length options.  I have strung 4 rings into the chain so you can wear this necklace from 32 inches down to 22 inches.  Just pick your length and go!

1 sterling silver and 1 gold filled necklace available here.

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