Indie Necklace

Indie Necklace

$ 158.00
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This necklace is handmade in California.

Versatile and unique, it is the perfect grayc glass combination.

Peruvian blue opals with a swirly white glass pendant.  Yes please!

If you don't own one of my swirly white pendant necklaces, you are missing out.  Dress the Indie up or down, such a staple in your wardrobe.

2 layers of glass are melted together for 14 hours, then drilled through.  Swirly white, and clear glass.  Each pendant is unique due to the swirls.

The charms adorning one side in either gold or silver depending on the metal you choose.

Choose between opals on silver or gold chain.  32 or 34 inches long.  Model is wearing 32 inches.

Melissa is wearing the Kai Earrings with the Indie Necklace in 32 inches.

All of my work is handmade, slight variations in color and design is possible.

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