Isla Necklace

Isla Necklace

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This necklace is individually handmade in California.

 I am really excited about this piece, one of the most intricate pieces I have ever made, even though the result is so simple.

This pendant is bezel set.  This means, it is made to fit perfectly into this metal bezel cup, and is therefore metal on the back.

The Isla Necklace is made from 9 layers of glass melted together, then sliced with a tile saw, and melted again with a layer of clear glass over. Then cut, shaped and melted a 3rd time!

I melt 7 shades of white and 2 pieces of clear glass to create this pattern.

Chain is gold or silver plated brass.  This is a new chain design too, I wanted to create a statement piece with a larger chain.

Choose your metal and between 18, or 20 inches.  In the picture I am wearing 20 inches.  

All of my work is handmade, slight variations in color and design is possible.

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