Striped Hayden Earrings- one of a kind

Striped Hayden Earrings- one of a kind

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One-of-a-kind and READY TO SHIP means you get this EXACT pair of earrings....

I am always creating new jewelry, and not all of it ends up being professionally photographed and added to regular inventory on the website.  I usually take these pieces to my local farmers market....

With the shut down in place, and not knowing when I will be back to the market, I have a collection of these "one of a kind" pieces ready to ship. I have taken the time to photograph them and put on the website.

So when you buy these earrings, you get shipped this pair .

 This marquise component shape is my signature Hayden style of earring.  And I could not resist creating a pair with my striped little rectangles.  They are very lightweight of course!  

All sterling silver.

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