Bracelet Jewelry Set

Bracelet Jewelry Set

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Mother's Day made easy!  This bracelet set looks beautiful together, and she will also love to wear them separate.

Both bracelets are handmade in California.

First let me talk about the Lynette Bracelet:

You have a choice with the Lynette Bracelet, either silver or gold.  The Lynette bracelet is the one with the glass charm hanging off.  

This glass piece is a swirl of 3 shades of blue, purple, and mint green.  It is the glass used for my Lana Collection and it is melted 3 times in my kiln, over 21 hours!

This glass charm is sturdy, the melting process makes it very strong and you can wear it with ease.

The cutting, and grinding, and drilling is done in our California Studio.

Choose between gold or silver plated chain.

Choose between size 7 or size 8 for both bracelets.  They can be easily linked shorter.

If you need a larger size, just message me!


Now, the Avery Bracelet:

Since the Avery Bracelet (the more ornate of the 2) is a mixed metal bracelet, it looks great with the Lynette in silver or gold.

Silver and gold, opals & charms, this unique bracelet is so fun and summery.

This mixed metal bracelet is a beautiful combination of opals, amazonite, sterling silver charms, hammered sterling silver connectors, and brass charms.

It is very comfortable and looks great alone, or layered with the Lynette Bracelet *see last picture of them worn together.

I made this mixed metal so it looks great with both gold and silver coordinating jewelry.

It looks beautiful even by the lobster clasp, it has unique accents all the way around.

All of my work is handmade, slight variations in color and design is possible.

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