Reflection Ring- one of a kind

Reflection Ring- one of a kind

$ 58.00
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This is one of my signature "One-of-a-Kind" pieces. Buy it before it is gone!

Buyer will get this exact piece.

Handmade fused glass ring on ADJUSTABLE base. This ring is made from two layers of glass; clear glass over a swirly blue that looks like a reflection on a body of water.  Tiny bubbles form during the melting process and sparkle in the sun.  The pieces are cut and grinded to perfect rectangles, then fused twice to a temperature of 1415 in my kiln. 

The glass is glued using an industrial adhesive to a silver over brass base that is adjustable. This base is very strong, not flimsy like other adjustable rings.  It will not change shape and become flimsy.

1 in rectangle shaped glass piece on silver plated adjustable base