Circle Mosaic Nightlight- CLEAR Sea Glass

Circle Mosaic Nightlight- CLEAR Sea Glass

$ 32.00
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The circle is harder to do than the square but I am excited to add them to my nightlight collection as they are show stoppers.  Handmade fused glass nightlight, a random assortment of ocean colored squares of glass, like those you would find in sea glass.  The glass colored squares are on clear glass.

Contemporary mosaic design. The pieces are cut and then placed on the clear circle glass and then melted in a kiln up to 1415 degrees, fusing it together. I melt the glass at this temperature because it creates texture, so when you run your hand over this nightlight, you will feel each individual square of glass.

3 in D glass piece attached to a UL approved base. 4-watt bulb included.

Shipping is first class is handmade, slight variations in color & design are possible.